Best Intentions Farm
About Us
Best Intentions Farm is a family owned and operated small horse farm located in
Westminster, Maryland.  The Oland family, consisting of Mike, Linda, and our four
children, live here and together with other staff members and working students
board, train, and sell horses and most importantly we offer a WIDE variety of learning
opportunities to children and adults.

We believe that riding and working with horses builds character, encourages self-esteem, and provides great physical exercise.  Each riding lesson begins with working with the horse or pony from the ground, grooming and getting to know the animal before you ever mount.  Learning to understand what the horse may be feeling and anticipating their responses are great experiences in non-verbal communication.  Safety is of primary importance and is an integral part of every lesson, emphasizing cause and affect.  As the student learns to control a 1,000 pound animal they also learn that focusing on what they are doing at that moment is critical, and riding provides instant gratification and feedback.  Additional horsemanship skills covered during lessons include learning the parts of the horse and tack, the history and uses of different breeds, and practical stable management.

Our whole family works on the farm. Mike keeps everything running, our boys do general maintenance, clean stalls and do barn work, and work with some of our horses.  Our whole family works here, from cleaning stalls and barn maintenance to training and lessons.  Linda has more than 35 years of experience with horses, including over 20 years teaching.  Her diverse experience includes 5 years in England, a cattle ranch in Florida, a Morgan breeding farm, a large dressage farm, and innumerable volunteer hours.  She truly enjoys helping people grow and learn.  It is a real blessing to mentor and encourage everyone who comes to the barn.

Jessica Patterson joined us in 2017, and through ReWire Riding, LLC provides beginner through advanced lessons for children and adults. For more information about Jessica and ReWire Riding Click Here.

Our "barn philosophy" is a laid-back, friendly approach.  Our horses are assigned an inside or run-in stall, depending on their individual needs, and rotate between the stalls and one of our pastures.  We believe horses are happy in as natural an environment as possible and while we strive to keep them on a consistent schedule we realize that on occasion life means feeding may be a little early or a little late.  We enjoy trail riding, fun, pleasant shows, dressage, fox chasing, and eventing.  Our barn family and staff are Christian and we quietly strive to live our lives accordingly.  We may on occasion pray at the barn (quite often depending on how the day is going!) and we pray for all of our students.
For more information, please email us at,
or call 410-336-6908.
Westminster, Maryland
"Relationship Plus Respect equals Riding"